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Our bridging Loans can be secured against:

  • Residential or Commercial Property
  • Land (including Agricultural) and land without planning permission

Interest Payments can be rolled up to the end of the term or serviced monthly, or part and part.

  • No Rigid Criteria – All sensible cases considered.
  • No middlemen – We manage our own fund and can provide speedy access and decision making helping you secure the right deal at the right time.
  • Adverse Credit and first time developers considered.
  • Up to 90% LTV on light refurbishment. (100% with additional security)
  • No maximum loan size.
  • No proof of income.

As a Lender and broker we can ensure you get the best rate and criteria whilst still being able to offer maximum flexibility and the deal structure.

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Call us today to find out if we can provide the bridging finance that could unlock the potential in your property plans.

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    It's not just small businesses and SMEs that need business rescue loans to get themselves out of a pickle, it happens to large corporations as well. It also happens to financial entities a whole lot bigger too.

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    Worse still was the Greek crisis, which lead Germany, France and Italy to lend over €360 billion via the IMF, European Central Bank and the European Commission. And still that hasn't worked (or ever was going to work).

    So having unenviable finances, or a business strategy that isn't working, doesn't just apply to businesses that find themselves on the wrong side of economic terms. Whether it's being on the wrong side of the pound when imports outweigh exports, or when incoming receivables are outweighed by supplier invoices. Every business has the potential to find themselves on the wrong side of the finance equation, so what are your options?

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