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Do you need a financial boost, to keep your stock supplies buoyant so that your sales ability is not held back by a lack of working capital?- This would be both our own funds (motor stocking) and a mixture of our own lending and brokering with other types of stocking finance.

For any business that has a fast turnaround of high-value stock, whether that is cars or specialist machinery, antiques or investment-grade wine – stock finance can keep levels replenished even when cash-flow is slow.

With a revolving credit facility, you won’t have to pass up on fantastic deals, or rare opportunities just because you’re short on working capital, so your sales potential won’t be hampered by slow-moving payments.

How does stock finance work?Row of cars purchased through stock finance

Stock finance is very simple, once your facility is set up. If you see stock that you want to buy, that you know you can sell on, simply request a drawdown on your facility and the funds should have the money within 24 hours. The money is repaid as soon as the item is resold, and once the cash has been replenished, you’re free to buy more stock, using finance up to your credit limit.

Stock finance is the perfect solution if you have to snap-up high-value stock as soon as it becomes available, maybe because you buy at auction or from private sellers, and you know that you or your sales team can shift the items.

At Access Commercial Finance, we provide this facility to a range of sectors – motor stock finance is ideal for car dealerships that need to fill their forecourt fast, but stock finance also works well for anyone who sells high ticket items or has a fast turnaround of stock, from specialist machinery suppliers to high-value art or wine dealers.

Why use stock finance?

Businesses that trade in high value stock, and have a fast level of stock rotation, are often hit hardest by temporary lulls in cash-flow. Clients often see the arrangement as a partnership rather than a conventional lending arrangement, and it can be a good way of protecting precious working capital, especially when you expect a swift turnaround, and you believe that you can sell the goods for more than the amount borrowed plus interest due.At Access Commercial Finance, we know that it can be hard to secure this type of lending on the high-street, especially if you are a small to medium business with a shorter trading history. As stock finance is secured against the stock you are buying, we can stay flexible about providing this funding, and as we are likely to be speaking to you on a day-to-day basis to acquire items, we get a true picture of your business’s potential and how our stock finance can support its growth.  Remember that your loan is secured against stock, so your stock may ultimately be at risk if you are unable to make your agreed repayments.

Motor stock finance is a great solution to keep your forecourt full if you are a car dealership, but our stock finance also suits many other sectors, such as specialist machinery sellers, wine or art dealers. Some of the solutions we have provided include:

  • Motor stock finance for a car dealership
  • Stock finance for a wine dealer
  • Stock finance for a horse trader
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